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The History of the 4 Rings

What do you do when you REALLY like your car?  When it becomes more than just transportation from point A to point B?   Find out more about it!

Once I started learning more about the Audi company, I started accumulating collectible items that relate to the company, such as postage stamps & philatelic materials (such as postal stationery, first day covers, postmarks, postage meter strips, etc) and other ephemera (ie: "paper" collectible) items that relate to Audi (and the various companies that currently or in the past related to it).

Audi has quite a fascinating history behind it, involving many different companies over the years, and it was a challenge to find items that could illustrate the story through philatelic and other collectible items.  But, I am constantly finding new materials, such as postal cards from China & Hungary, a stock certificate from Argentina and others !


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A partial history of Audi is as follows:

1885 - 'Wanderer' is founded:     

1899 - 'Horch' is founded:

(August Horch - founder of the Horch Automobile company; his name means "hark" or "listen" in German; the Latin equivalent of which is Audi!)

(Horch automobiles were luxury vehicles in the 1930's)

1907 - 'DKW' is founded:


1909 - 'Audi' is founded:

(Audi had front-wheel drive vehicles in the 1920's & 1930's, as the "Front" models above show)

1912-1914:  Audi wins Alpine races in Austria:

"Winner of the Team Prize of the International Austrian Alpine Race 1913.  Highest commendation"


1932 - 'Auto Union AG' is formed (from Wanderer, DKW, Horch & Audi):


(Auto Union's "Silver Arrow" race car shown here with the Mercedes counterpart on a 1939 stamp commemorating the Nürburgring car races)

1958 - 'Daimler/Benz' acquires 87.8% of 'Auto Union'

1966 - 'Volkswagen' acquires 100% of 'Auto Union'

1969 - 'NSU' (founded in 1873) joins 'Auto Union':

(NSU's Felix Wankel was the inventor of the rotary engine)

1984 - Audi is 'Manufacturers World Champion' with its revolutionary "Quattro" vehicles:

1985 - 'Audi/NSU' renamed to 'Audi AG'

1990 - The 7 Millionth Audi is produced

1998 - 'Audi' acquires Lamborghini:

2006 - June 18 - Audi  re-writes automobile racing history by winning the "24 Hours of LeMans" race with a diesel-powered R10 race car:

(actual 2006 LeMans entry ticket, an Audi R10 race car is featured in the center of the design)

2011 - June 12 - Audi  wins its' 10th LeMans race in the new R18 diesel-power race car:

A much more comprehensive history and hundreds more illustrations are available on the CD-ROM, to order, please click on the "buy the CD" link above or click here:  CD-ROM Ordering





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