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Welcome to my AUDI website!   Please feel free to join (however, I do have manually accept members - this is in order to keep out spammers).  Questions? --> Please feel free to contact me!

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A4 1.8
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60 years old
About Me

My name is Kristopher: 

 I owned a A4 1.8 with sports package which I went to autocross and driving school 55sponsered events as often as I could.  One time, I drove up to Tacoma to see my sister where I cruised at 55mph to see my mileage:  38.7.  I bumped up my speed to 60mph going over the Siskyous and achieved 36.2mpg.  In 2006 I attended a Lincoln Highway conference in Iowa in which I drove to Austin, NV, Salt Lake City, Green River, WY,  to Cheyenne, WY.  While in WY, i went to Grand Tetons and Yellowstone,  to Devils Tower and on into S. Dakota.  While in S. Dakota, i went to Mt. Rushmore and the gigantic Native American they have been carving for decades. 

From WY, I drove into Scotts Bluff NB and saw the magnificient prairie.  In Sydney, I stopped in an old Chevy dealership that still had posters up the new 66 Chhevies.  While

in Grand Isle, I had a great time at their regional park. 

From NB, I drove into Iowa into Council Bluffs which still had their streets paved with the original items they used to pave the Linclon Highway in the towns.  In Iowa, we toured the road East and West and I went to the Amana Colonies and went ot see John Deere and Winnebago make tractors and motor homes.  The people along the way were a joy to talke with, esp. in Iowa. 

I  have sold my A4 with over 200,000 miles using the same clutch, maintaining the car according to the factory.  Of all my cars I have owned, my A4 was my most  favorite.

Myself, I taught 3rd grade for many years, even going to Korea to teach elementary school children to learn English and to use it as much as they could with me.

Thank You for reading what I get to share.

Do You Own an Audi ?

No longer.

What is your favorite Audi model?

My A4 and the TT

Ben Smith
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About Me

Hi all

My name is Ben Smith and I am Australian.

I am passionate about a wide range of things including sport, music, arts, politics, internet, gaming and the list goes on ;)

I work in IT and also have several business interests including a Wedding Souvenir business in Europe called Your Wedding.

Have a great day all

[email protected]
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36 years old
About Me

Very interesting site guys and gals. A friend of my recently swing by and recommended that I check it out.  I have a site of my own, its a backlinks forum.