Audi History

The History of the 4 Rings

Audi wins 1912 - 1914 Alpine races

This year is an important anniversary for Audi:   In 1912, Audi won the "Austrian Alpine Races" for the first time (also in 1913 & 1914 and potentially later had World War I not intervened...).

This is a scan of a 1913 poster stamp (I own the original!) that celebrates Audi winning the 1913 Alpine Races.

Back flap from 1914 envelope from a German car dealer that states:

"International Austrian Alpine Race,  1914   18. June   4th Day,  two thirds of all cars have already been given penalty points.   Aud is still penalty free!


Audi Museum

In early July 2010, I had the opportunity to visit the "Museum Mobile", Audi's history museum located at the Audi Forum in the city of Ingolstadt (Germany) where Audi is headquartered.   A few photos will be shown shortly below.  If you love Audi's, then this museum should be on your "must visit" list!

Here I am in front of a priceless Auto Union C-type Silver Arrow race car from the late 1930's.  Behind me is one of the experimental Silver Arrows used for aerodynamic testing.






Audi Literature

To help me research Audi's History, I have acquired the following books (both in English and in German):

100 Jahre Audi - Vorsprung Durch Technik Bild Magazine
100 Years of Audi AutoWeek
25 Jahre Quattro (8x 26-page booklets w/4x Quartett cards) AutoBild & Audi
30 Years of Audi Sport Alexander von Wegner
A History of Progress (1996) Audi
A History of Progress (2001) Audi
Alle Audi Automobile 1910-1980 Werner Oswald
Audi Paul Harris
Audi - 1965-1975 Steiger, Christian & Thomas Wirth
Audi - 2009 Annual Report Audi
Audi - Vier Jahrzehnte Ingolstädter Automobilbau … Gerhard Misching
Audi 100 & 200 (Haynes #0907) Haynes
Audi 100 1969-71 Autobook Kenneth Ball
Audi 5000 (1984-1988) #1117 Haynes
Audi Automobile 1909-1940 Peter Kirchberg & Ralf Hornung
Audi collection - Miniaturen Audi
Audi File, The Eric Dymock
Audi quattro - The Complete Story Laurence Meredith
Audi Quattro (Gold Portfolio) 1980-1991 Brookland Books
Audi Sport - World of Rallying 7 Martin Holmes
Audi Typenkompass - Personenwagen seit 1965 Walter Zeichner
Audi Typenkompass - Rallye & Sportwagen Thomas Lang
Auf den Spuren der Auto Union Thomas Erdmann
Auto Union - Die grossen Rennen 1934-39 Giannie Cancellieri, et al
Auto Union - DKW Guide, The Keith Ayling
Auto Union - V16 Supercharged (A technical appraisal) Ian Bamsey
Bildpostkarten - Spezial Katalog Automobile 1895-1975 Willi Bernard
Bug (the strange mutations of the World's most famous automobile) Phil Patton
Das Audi Coupe Buch - Geschichte einer Baureihe 1996-99 Hamme, Johannes van
Das Rad der Zeit (1996) Audi
Das Rad der Zeit (2008) Audi
Deutsche Sportwagen Austria Post
Die 3=6 Monza Story Klaus Jansen-Diekmann
Die Passive Sicherheit des Audi 100 Audi AG
DKW Munga (Geländewagen aus Ingolstadt 1956-68) Jörg Sprengelmeyer
DKW Schnellaster & Co (1949-1965) Jörg Sprengelmeyer
Effizienz-Technologien von A bis Z Audi
ExciteTTement Dirk Maxeiner, et al
Four Rings - The Audi Story (USA Ausgabe) Audi Tradition
Grand-Prix-Report (Auto Union 1934-1939) Peter Kirchberg
Horch - Ein Audi! (100 Jahre Vorsprung Durch Technik) Audi AG
Horch, ein Auto (Ein Jahrhundert Autoland Sachsen) Ina Reichel
Htler's Motor Racing Battles - Silver Arrows under the Swastika Reuss, Eberhard
Ich baute Autos August Horch
Im Rückspiegel: 125 Jahre NSU Audi
Juxbuch für stolze Audi Fahrer Norbert Gulloch
Kraft der Vier Ringe (Edition Audi Tradition) Suhr, Christian
Little Book of Audi Quattro, The Charlie Morgan & Stan Fowler
NSU - Automobile 1905-1977 Typenkompass Peter Schneider
NSU Motorräder 1900-1966 Peter Schneider
NSU-Automobile 1905-1977 Peter Schneider
Personenkraftwagen der Wehrmacht Reinhard Frank
Road & Track on Audi & Auto Union1980-1986 Road & Track
Sharing a Singular Vision Audi
Silberpfeile Walter Kappacher
Turnabout Tornadoes (men of Auto Union) Dennis May
Vom Horch zum Munga - Militärfahrzeuge der Auto Union Kirchberg, Peter & Siegfried Bunke
Zeitprofile Audi