Audi History

The History of the 4 Rings

4 Rings: The History of Audi (a philatelic perspective) on CD-ROM

A must for any Audi fan:   a self-running e-book CD-ROM that tells the story of Audi and the various related companies (i.e.: Horch, Wanderer, DKW, NSU, Auto Union and others) via postage stamps and other paper collectible materials (postcards, poster stamps, cigarette cards, trump cards, vintage magazine advertisements, etc).   Several hundred items are showcased on this CD!

The e-book is based on a philatelic exhibit called "4 Rings - The History of Audi" that has been shown at the Mid-Cities Stamp Club's ( yearly "Stamp EXPO", as well as at "TEXPEX" (a national-level stamp exhibition held in Dallas each spring).

The e-book has also received the following literature awards:


  • VERMEIL medal at the TEMEX 2003 Philatelic Literature Exhibition held in Buenos Aires, Argentina and was judged according to international philatelic literature guidelines. 
  • LARGE SILVER medal at the Washington 2006 International Philatelic  Exhibition ( held in Washington DC from May 27 - June 3, 2006.
  • VERMEIL medal at Praga2008 (Poland), Sept. 12-14, 2008

Copies of the CD-ROM have also been donated to the Wineburgh Philatelic Library (located at the University of Texas special collections library in Richardson, Texas) as well as the American Philatelic Research Library (in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania).

This e-book is "self-running" (meaning that it runs directly from your CD-ROM drive and does NOT require anything to be installed on your computer).   It runs on standard Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / 7 based PC's or MacIntosh/Apple computers with at least "OS-X" installed. 

You simply click on a page to turn it (like a real book), or sit back, relax and use the "AutoFlip" or "SlideShow" options to let the software turn the pages for you!

As of June 2008:  Many new additions, about 25% more content!   Additional content was added in 2009 and early 2010 !


Gotta have one?   The price is US$ 19.95 (plus 1st Class postage).    Purchase instantly via PayPal (all major credit cards accepted) by clicking on the appropriate PayPal button below (Texas residents please use the 2nd PayPal button and foreign residents please use the 3rd PayPal button!):


Audi History CD-ROM ($ 19.95 + postage)


Audi History CD-ROM ($ 19.95 + postage + Texas sales tax)


Audi History CD-ROM ($ 19.95 + postage worldwide)

COMING SOON      Audi History on DVD and BluRay Disk (currently in development).  Enjoy the same features of the CD, but view it on your big-screen TV using your DVD or BluRay player.      



 If you need bulk copies of the CD:

  • 10 - 50 copies:  $ 9.95 / each + shipping (4 days lead-time)
  • 100 copies:  $ 8.95 / each + shipping (10 days lead-time)
  • 500 copies:  $ 6.95 / each + shipping (3 - 4 weeks lead-time)*
  • 1,000 copies:  $ 5.95 / each + shipping (3 - 4 weeks lead-time)*

*Note: Quantities of 101 or more require professional replication services and lead-time is longer (up to 30 days); small quantities are produced by myself.

For the larger quantities, I can also insert your own logos and make certain adjustments.  For example, if you are an Audi dealer, you could have your dealership information listed on the CD or insert.


 If interested, I can also provide a printed copy of the e-book (black & white) with spiral binding or tape binding for $ 39.95 + tax & shipping, or provide a custom compilation of collectible Audi-related images from my collection to suit your needs.   A color book is also possible, but generally prohibitive due to cost (over $ 80.00).   Printed copies are only produced on demand due to the high cost.   Please inquire at



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