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February 2018:

Time to let go!   At 358,000 miles and a few more things wrong than I care to invest money in, it was time to let it go!  I did get to keep the wheels though!   See stamp below.


June 19, 2014:   I became the proud owner of a 1990 Audi Coupe Quattro.   To my knowledge (at the time), the 3rd lowest mileage in the country with only around 65,000 miles after 24 years.


I did have to "tweak" the car a bit though: 

  1. Replaced the 15" Audi Speedline wheels with 17" TSW wheels
  2. Blackout window tinting (this is Texas after all...)
  3. Replaced the horrible US-spec headlamps with Euro versions that also included white corner markers to replace the amber ones

June 29, 2013:   Not much to report.  The car is running fine (it needed a fuel regulator earlier this year...), the A/C works great (good thing, as it was 102°F today!).  Mileage is presently at 331,600+ miles (533,544 kilometers).

May 8: 2012:    Three Two One Zero Zero Zero.  Yup, today the odometer read 321,000 miles ( 516,489 kilometers).  It still runs fine (having had to rebuild the automatic transmission in 2011 sure helped!) and I generally get around 20 mpg around town, maybe 23 - 25 on the highway.   Still no blue smoke!  At the most recent oil change, the oil level was half-way between the 2 marks on the dipstick after 5,500 miles since the previous oil change, meaning, oil consumption is a paltry 11,000 miles per quart!

April. 21, 2012:    The car was one of 50 cars invited to a private car show in Dallas called "Wings & Wheels".  While many of the cars present cost more than my house; the car was invited to show people that if you take care of a car, it can last!   Adding up the odometer readings on most of the cars present would probably not come close to the 320,600 miles that the car had at that point!

December 31, 2010:  The car now has over 500,000 kilometers (310,685.6 miles) on the odometer!   See video on YouTube at

November 2010:  Only 1,000 miles to go to hit the 1/2 million Kilometer mark (that's 310,686 miles...)

August 2010:   Car is generally running fine; now at 307,000 miles (493,963 kilometers) on the odometer!   While I really wanted to drive an Audi A3 Sportwagon during a recent trip to Germany, I had to settle for a French car (but it was very nice!); for more details see

October 3, 2009 UPDATE:   My 1990 Audi 100 reached a milestone today:  300,000 miles on the odometer (that's 482,700 kilometers for the rest of the world) !


Watch a brief video at YouTube about this milestone at:

May 15, 2009 Update:   Well, there's now a 2nd Audi in my life; I recently bought a very nice ("like new") 2003 Audi A6 Avant (for those of you that don't know "Audi-speak", that means stationwagon).   But for a 6 year-old car with only 43,300 miles on it, it was a great deal !   Unlike my 1990 Audi 100, this car has some 'real' horsepower (and 4-wheel drive helps too!).

(For now, I'm keeping the car stock.  I did have the Windows tinted - a requirement here in Texas if you want the interior to stay in good shape.)


(As with all my cars, the 1st order of business was to attach a "CH" sticker to the back.  For the significance of that, scroll down a bit...)

(This car has a nicely appointed interior with almost all of the available features.  No heated seats though, since that is generally not needed down here in Texas...)

(And of course I couldn't resist and get the car on a stamp....)

Apparently Audi "Avants" are difficult to find here in Texas.  Why?  According to one of the Audi dealers, people here apparently either want a sedan (A4, A6, A8 models), sporty vehicles (TT, A5 or R8) or a SUV (Q5 or Q7); but station wagons are just not as much in demand.  But that's ok with me, since I ended up with a nice one!  



The other AUDI in my life is still my 1990 Audi 100 (the basic 138 horsepower, 5-cylinder, front-wheel drive version) which currently has 299,888+ miles on the odometer (as of September 28, 2009) !  

The interior is still almost new looking, it is amazing how great the seats look (no tears!) after 18 years and that many miles!   The paint job still looks very good (someone even asked me who painted it - I told them it was mostly original paint!) and the car is mechanically sound (here's a hint:  "preventative maintenance" - it's a lot cheaper to fix things before they break!).   I get about 19 - 22 mpg (or around 10.5 to 11.7 liters / 100 km in case you do the European measurements) around town, and the engine does NOT burn any oil (generally 5,000 miles between oil changes using semi-synthetic 20W50 oil).

I brought the car to Texas from the Pacific Northwest in August, 2004 (after 4 grueling days on the road!); at that point it had about 245,000 miles on the odometer.  It's been holding up well to the extreme weather that we have here in the Dallas and north Texas area (especially during the summer where we have many days at or over 100°F!).   Luckily the car is kept under a carport most of the time, keeping the intense sun at bay during summer and out of harm of the occasional hailstorms in the spring).

The car has only minor modifications and upgrades, including:

  • Lowered suspension (approx. 2" [5 cm] lower than the stock suspension)
  • 16" Ronal wheels with Bridgestone Serenity tires (... unfortunately the Bridgestone RE950's are no longer available)
  • Sony CD/AM/FM stereo (replacing the factory AM/FM/Cassette unit)
  • Window tinting
  • European specification headlamps (from Great Britain actually)
  • European specification front sidemarker lamps (clear instead of orange)
  • Painted grill trim

Here is the 1990 Audi 100 as shown on a "personalized" PhotoStamp.   These original PhotoStamps (first series) could be ordered on a limited basis from August 10 to September 30, 2004 from   The original trial program has ended and the US Postal Service started another 1-year trial program in early 2005 (and which was extended for another year by the US Postal Service in May 2006).  At present (in 2008) it would appear that the US personalized stamp program is fairly permanent.  In any case, the above stamp will be fairly "rare" since only one sheet of 20 stamps was ordered (the stamp above is #6 from the sheet).  According to recent stamp catalogs, this is worth about 10 dollars...

A second company,, entered the "personalized postage" market in mid-2005 with a product called "PictureItPostage".   Above is an example of one of their stamps (or "personalized postage" as the US Postal Service prefers to call it!).



The "TCS" badge on the grill of the Audi 100 (it has now been moved to the A6 Avant).   If you are from Switzerland, you'll recognize that TCS stands for "Touring Club de Suisse" (one of Switzerland's automobile associations, similar to the American Automobile Association - AAA -  here in the USA).   This badge is made of metal and is no longer given out by the TCS to its members (all you get now is a sticker for your bumper, trunklid or windshield); I'm not sure when they stopped issuing metal badges, but it is probably over 35 years ago!   This badge has been on my various cars for the past 27 years!  I obtained it from the TCS office in Kreuzlingen (after asking nicely ...) in 1986.

Every vehicle (cars & motorcycles) that I have ever owned, have had (and will continue to have) "CH" stickers on them.  

Again, if you're from Europe; Switzerland specifically, you'll recognize that "CH" stands for Switzerland ("why not 'S' you may ask"?  ... well, Sweden uses "S", so Switzerland gets to use "CH" - which means "Confederatio Helvetica" - Latin for 'Federation of Helvetia', ie: "Switzerland"). 

In Europe, if you drive beyond the borders of your country, you are required to have a country identification sticker on your back bumper.   Most are easy to decipher: GB - Great Britain, D - Germany (Deutschland), F - France, L - Luxembourg, NL - Netherlands, B - Belgium, DK - Denmark, ES - Spain (Espana), I - Italy, A - Austria and FL - Liechtenstein (Fürstentum Liechtenstein - Grand Duchy of Liechtenstein) to name a few...



Other Audi's that I have owned...

  • 1972 Audi 100 LS 

(Acquired new by my father in 1972, I obtained the car in approx. 1980 while in college)

(The car after a few "modifications" during the college years.  The car did not survive Michigan salt-encrusted winter roads for more than a couple of years, the "pipe" that you see under the floor-pan is not the exhaust, but a make-shift metal frame made from square tubing that had to be welded in place to strengthen the unibody due to all the rust on the floor).  Unfortunately in Michigan, roads are "salted" during the winter, leading to much rust in the lower body panels and floors.

(Yes, that is me in the trunk of my '72 Audi 100LS; the picture was a self-portrait taken for a photography course that I took in college around 1982.   ...And I still have that license plate!)

  • 1973 Audi 100 GL


This was the 1st car that I owned (acquired in 1978) while I was in high school.  It was replaced by the green 1972 Audi 100LS shown above just a few years later when mechanical problems and Michigan rust got to it; luckily many of the parts from this car also fit on the '72 model!

  • 1986 Audi Coupe GT

My 1986 Audi Coupe GT as it looked the day I picked it up from the dealer in December, 1986 (and it still looks that good in 2013... residing with a family member in another state!).



Other Audi's:

While I did not own the 1979 Audi 5000S shown in the PictureItPostage stamp above, I did get to drive it (as it belonged to my father at the time).   I took the photo in the summer of 1980 on Molas Pass (at 10,910 feet / 3,325 meters above sea level) in Colorado; coincidentally, I drove past this same spot in 2006 during a vacation in Colorado - 26 years later (although unfortunately, not in an Audi...) !


If you would like to obtain some of the "photostamps" shown above, I still have some of them left, you'll have to go to my other website to see which ones are still available.  Remember that most of these stamps were only issued in quantities of 20 or 40.





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