Audi History

The History of the 4 Rings

Although the first vehicle I ever owned was an Audi, and I am now on my 5th Audi, I have of course owned and driven other vehicles over the years.   Here's a short listing and annotations about some of them (I'll add more to this page as I find time, so please keep checking back!

July 2010:   I was in Europe, and even though I really wanted to rent an Audi A3 TDI, Avis told me that they were not available.  They then tried to put me into a Mercedes B160 (kind of a small cross-over miniSUV...), but it had a gasoline engine.   Given the amount of miles that I needed to drive, along with the expensive gas ($6.65 per gallon) as opposed to Diesel ($5.85 per gallon), was incentive for me to go "diesel". 

So, what did I end up with?   A Citroen C5.    It was the first time that I had a French rental car.   Needless to say, I was VERY pleased with this car.  

I drove about 3,400 km (2,113 miles) with this car through Germany & Switzerland.

The torquey 1.9 liter diesel engine manages to get up to 125 mph in a reasonably quick time.   At 90 - 100 mph the car still gets about 25 - 30 miles per gallon!

Driving in Switzerland at slightly lower speeds and in the mountains, I got 45.6 miles per gallon!

The Citroen C5 is a mid-size and very spacious car, somewhere around the size of an Audi A4/A6; I definitely had a hard-time parking it at times in the micro-sized parking spaces ...  Needless to say though, I was very impressed with this car, both in terms of quality and handling during day-to-driving (from high-speed Autobahns to twisty Swiss mountain pass roads!).

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