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In addition to this site, I have also created a few additional sites for my other collecting interests.  

So spend a few mouse clicks and visit: for info on St. Vincent stamps & postal history for info on St. Vincent postcards for info on British Empire War Tax Stamps for info on "Airports" on stamps & postal stationery for copies of the stamp newsletter that I edit for personalized postage stamps for sale for CD-ROM autobiography of the vehicles in my life for info on collectible transportation tickets from Switzerland for info on vintage (1898-1950) collectible picture postcards from Switzlerand




(these are sites with links to hundreds of other stamp collecting websites): (Philatelic Webmasters Organizations; many good philatelic website links!) (billed as the "Yellow Pages" for stamp collectors) (philatelic portal) (philatelic portal) (philatelic portal)



Collector Sites: (all about machine vended stamps - site is in Germany; fantastic reference info) (all about British Commonwealth SPECIMEN stamps from the late 1800's) (Bill Claghorn's "Comparative Stamp Forgery Identification Site".   Before you buy any classic stamps, check out this site and compare the forgery against the real thing!).

Clubs:  (Mid-Cities Stamp Club of Arlington/Irving, Texas) (American Philatelic Society)


Other: (Many photos of recent Audi models; check out the futuristic 2035 Audi RSQ Concept!)

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